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Counseling in the Middle School



The goal of the Middle School Counseling Program is to work with students throughout the school year to ensure that every student has an opportunity to grow both in their academics and in their community life in school, using their problem solving skills.  This is accomplished by engaging students in individual counseling, group guidance classes, and support groups.  In addition, the counselor acts as an academic and personal/social resource for parents, teachers and administrators.  The goal of the middle school counselor is to advocate for the students and help them access the many opportunities availed to them in the middle school. The middle school is staffed by two certified school counselors.  Currently, one counselor acts as the 6th and 7th grade counselor.  The other counselor acts as the 8th and 9th grade counselor, aiding in the transition from middle school to high school by holding sessions during Freshman Seminar as well as by facilitating groups and individual counseling. Middle school counselors work in coordination with the teachers to incorporate career education into the curriculum. Middle school counselors provide assistance through groups that address various issues, based on our students’ population. Groups include, but are not limited to, social issues, transition, and anxiety.


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Middle School Counselors:

Jennifer Galligan
Counselor Grades 6 and 7 x2036

John Davis
Counselor Grades 8 and 9 x2032



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