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Profile of a North Salem Graduate as a Problem Solver


North Salem graduates are continuously improving learners who question, define and solve problems through critical and creative thinking.  The graduate aspires to be a --

Critical and Creative Thinker


  • Selects and uses creative, divergent thinking strategies to generate multiple ideas, gather a variety of resources, consider multiple perspectives for solving problems
  • Employs critical, convergent thinking strategies to analyze, synthesize, validate, evaluate and select among multiple ideas, resources, perspectives, solutions
  • Links creative and critical thinking in a process for developing, evaluating and solving  a problem in a timely manner




  • Works interdependently within a group to promote learning, increase productivity and achieve common goals
  • Seeks and utilizes assistance and feedback from others to adapt idea
  • Helps the group persist in accomplishing tasks
  • Listens to, shares and respects divergent thinking and cultural diversity to engage in thoughtful discussion leading to a solution
  • Supports collaboration by initiating ideas, conducting research, evaluating resources
  • Performs and shares various roles in group work




  • Advances understanding through active listening strategies
  • Incorporates effective writing skills for a variety of purposes and audiences
  • Acquires and broadens knowledge and experience through reading and viewing
  • Employs effective public speaking strategies suited to the topic, audience and purpose
  • Expresses concepts and emotions to a variety of audiences using processes in the visual and performing arts




  • Exhibits and supports honest and ethical behavior
  • Shows empathy, compassion and respect for individuals and cultures on local, national and international levels
  • Applies concepts of government and historical context to balance personal freedom with the needs of the larger group
  • Uses personal financial responsibility to help shape and support self and the greater community
  • Actively engages in school and community in a way that respectfully addresses the needs of groups and individuals
  • Promotes environmental stewardship by committing to the conservation of Earth’s resources leading to a sustainable future

Continuously Improving Learner





  • Masters concepts and process skills in and among the disciplines of English, math, social studies, world language, science, physical fitness  and the arts to improve self and others
  • Utilizes self­-reflective skills needed to describe, explain and evaluate thinking in order to set and carry out goals to improve learning and problem solving
  • Exercises Habits of Mind to support continuous learning to meet personal and academic goals
  • Engages in healthy and positive practices and relationships to promote good physical and mental health
  • Adds value to self and others with digital learning strategies


Chase University River Central School District