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Parent/Teacher Wellness Links
    Personalize your nutrition & physical activity plan, track your foods.  Get tips and support to help make healthier choices and plan ahead.
     Nonprofit Resource - Tips for making healthier fast food choices, Stress Management, Mental Health, Healthy Lifestyles
    Eat Well Live Well - Nutrition Facts, Special Diets, Food Solutions
    News, Recipes, Nutrition Lessons, Meal Plans and Blog    
    Educational Materials from North Dakota Agriculture and University Extension. 
    Helping you locate products through Cornell Cooperative Extensions.  Recipes, food preparation tips.
    50 ways to eat more fruits and vegetables
    Portion size is a critical part of successful weight loss and weight management
    An online resource for promoting healthy activities, especially fundraising in our schools

To see a Fact Sheet on modifying a recipe to make it healthier, click here.
To see a Fact Sheet on Healthy Celebrations, click here.

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