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2011-2012 Budget Information

May 17, 2011 Budget Vote -Trustee Election

Pequenakonck Elementary School 7:00am - 9:00pm.


2011-2012 Budget Newsletter

Please note: The budget newsletter mailed home indicated that Basic STAR was available to all residents regardless of age or income. Effective this year, that has changed. The new guidelines require homeowners to make less than $500,000 in order to be eligible for Basic STAR. The corrected information is reflected in the online edition of our newsletter.


2011-2012 Budget Statement

2011-2012 Adopted Budget 4/13/11

2011/2012 Superintendent's Proposed Budget

 Presentations & Discussions Dates

 Overview 3/2/11

Budget Revenue 3/2/11

General Support, Employee Benefits & Debt Service 3/2/11

 Building, Grounds & Transportation 3/2/11

Curriculum 3/2/11

 K-12 Instructional Supervision  3/9/11

Co-Curricular Program 3/9/11

 Athletics 3/9/11 

Pupil Personnel Services 3/16/11

Instructional Technology 3/16/11












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