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Technology Vision

The North Salem Central School District exists to support the educational needs of its students in a visionary manner and to prepare them to enter their futures in academia, the workplace and society.

The district embraces innovations of students and teachers to promote student success and achievement through the use of technology. The increasing integration of technology reflects the advances that are taking place around us.

The goals of the Technology Plan are to directly and measurably support the District’s goals by creating an environment in which:
    •    Students are reaching their potential as a result of technologically-based educational
         strategies, along with traditional methods. Equity of access to technology is achieved
         by continuously developing staff and student technical fluency and by maintaining
         a robust technical and support infrastructure.
    •    Students are prepared for:
    •    academic futures that require proficiency with technological tools
    •    careers that are increasingly dependent on technological skills
    •    enhancing other aspects of their lives using technology
    •    Communication and collaboration between and among students, teachers, staff
         administrators and parents are enhanced via technology
    •    Data management supports the measurement of progress towards meeting curricular
          and other district objectives
    •    Administrative processes are streamlined and unnecessary paperwork and manual
         procedures are eliminated.

These areas are the focus of the technology plan presented herein. In reading, assessing and authorizing funding for this plan, however, it is essential to realize that its existence aligns perfectly with and indistinguishably from the goals of the district. It is neither discretionary nor extra-curricular. It lies at the core of the District’s ability to meet its mission.

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