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Gifted and Talented Services: Grades 3-8

Program Objectives

Explore subjects not normally covered by typical grade-level curriculum; examine topics in greater depth.
Acquire independent work habits, take initiative for choosing and planning areas of
in-depth study, complete work.

Develop problem solving skills as shown by the ability to:

  • identify the problem
  • analyze the problem
  • generate possible solutions
  • collect pertinent information/data
  • predict results
  • defend conclusion and evaluate results

Develop advanced research techniques.

Demonstrate creative thinking by encouraging:

  • fluency
  • flexibility
  • elaboration
  • originality

Demonstrate critical thinking by:

  • examining all possibilities
  • analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating one’s own ideas and the ideas of others
  • being able to support or justify decisions

Demonstrate affective skills by:

  • accepting self and others
  • working cooperatively with others
  • sharing information and ideas with others
  • utilizing feedback to improve performance


Chase University River Central School District