Mission Monday: Demonstrating Sustainability at PQ

sunflower photo

Welcome to Mission Monday, a series of posts highlighting the ways North Salem students embrace the district mission of engaging in continual improvement, including questioning, defining and solving problems through critical and creative thinking. To learn more about the North Salem Mission, please click here.

Last academic year, fifth-grade students at Pequenakonck Elementary School worked tirelessly and meticulously to plant a beautiful pollinator garden. This practice allowed students to hone their skills of being a good citizen, a component of the district’s Profile of a North Salem Fifth-Grader.

In making intentional choices that demonstrate concern for a sustainable environment, the now sixth-grade students were able to leave behind a lovely legacy for the students who follow them. The garden serves to support local pollinators, including birds, bees and butterflies. By allowing the garden to grow wild with minimal pruning and deadheading, the flowers eventually go to seed and provide food for birds.

PQ students will take advantage of the pollinator garden this year and participate in a wide range of activities, including writing workshops, observing like scientists or simply enjoying a peaceful outdoor classroom.