Students Embrace Science

Students Embrace Science photo
Sixth-grade students and high schoolers who are participating in the science research program showed the progress and culmination of their work during a special Science Night on May 29.

The fourth annual sixth-grade science fair allowed students to choose a topic they are interested in and present a hypothesis to test. 

“It had to be a testable question [for which] they can do an authentic experiment to prove or disprove their hypothesis,” said middle school science teacher Teresa Dzubak.

Students also were challenged in English class to articulate their research and support their experiment in written form. Students’ topics ranged from preserving produce, determining when cardiovascular exercise is most effective, testing cosmetics quality and many more. At the science fair, they shared what they learned while completing their experiments and a summary of their conclusion.

The high school portion of the Science Night included posterboard presentations from the 10th- through 12th-grade students who are involved in the science research program. 

“They’ve done a really excellent job of picking really unique projects and working on them over the course of the year,” said science research teacher Paul Rubeo, who added that the students will continue their research by working with mentors in their respective fields over the summer. 

The evening’s topics included variations in global honeybees, antipollution efforts and Alzheimer’s disease research.

Rubeo noted the school’s science research symposium served as practice for the students who will be presenting in regional competitions during the 2018-19 school year. 

“It has been such a great night, “he said. 

View more from the district’s Science Night in a video linked here.