The North Salem Community Garden is now open for registration:


Anyone traveling to the back of the Middle/High School has seen the latest development in the space behind Dr. Bovino and Dr. Cyganovich’s offices.  With the generous donation of time and resources from the North Salem Open Land Foundation and a wonderful garden design done by nationally renowned designer Page Dickey; work has begun on the Community Garden.  The Community Garden is available to all community members within the North Salem School District.  Availability is also extended to students, administration and teachers.  Entry to the garden area will be open every day from morning to sunset with dedicated parking space for cars available for those using the garden.  Two water spigots are located in the middle of the garden and there will be a composting area for all unwanted weeds, etc. nearby as well.  The garden will be fully organic with no pesticides of any kind allowed.  Also, raised bed maintenance as well as any gardening tools needed, will be the responsibility of each person/family that sign up for this gardening opportunity.


Registration for the community garden will take place in the Middle/High School office.  Please call 914-669-5414 ext. 2026 to speak with Dr. Bovino.


Please remember, all school policies and rules are in effect in the garden area including no alcoholic beverages, no glass bottles, no smoking and no dogs allowed.  For security reasons access into the school is only through the main entrance in the front of the school.


We hope that you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that the NSOLF has afforded us.  Registration for raised beds is on a first come, first served basis.