Delivering Holiday Cheer

Delivering Holiday Cheer photo

Some of North Salem’s oldest and youngest residents have become friends, sharing time together to ring in the holiday season.

The students of Pequenakonck Elementary School were busy elves during the month of December, creating cards, crafts and letters to cheer all 125 residents of Salem Hills Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Purdys for the holidays.

Fifth-graders wrote and decorated cards and letters, while younger students created bookmarks, stationery and snowman ornaments.

In addition, students, faculty and staff have been saving water bottles since September, and the money obtained from recycling them was used to buy gifts and craft supplies for their senior friends. To date, $441.45 was raised from recycling 8,829 water bottles. Everyone in the school was involved in the project, and many donations were received from school families as well. 

PQ’s three kindergarten classes traveled to Salem Hills before the holiday recess to deliver the cards and gifts, as well as perform a mini holiday concert for the residents. Seniors were invited to sing along and joined in for several holiday tunes, filling the halls of Salem Hills with the sounds of the holidays. The intergenerational friends exchanged gifts and the kindergartners brought back beautiful solar cardinals that flap with friendship.

This heartwarming project is part of the school’s ONE CUB Kindness Initiative founded by kindergarten paraprofessionals Britt Togonon and Lisa Finer. ONE CUB’s goal is to empower students with the knowledge that they can make a difference in the world through kindness. It all starts with ONE CUB!