Remediating the odor in a PQ Art Room


The District received the Microbial Investigation and Moisture Assessment from Quest in regard to air and swab cultures for mold in room S18.  Levels of mold were detected in exterior wall cavities of the room. While currently, no regulatory or health-based standard exists for indoor levels of microbiological contaminants. We feel it is appropriate to have the room professionally remediated. The NYS licensed remediation company, Servpro, will be removing 330 sq.ft.  of drywall on the exterior wall along with the insulation as well as remediating all surface areas within that room which would include cleaning with a HEPA vacuum and wiping down all surfaces with an antimicrobial cleaner.  The remediation is scheduled to take place on 12/27-12/29.  As per NYS law, we will be posting on the front door and in areas where items are commonly posted (copy room, faculty room) that mold remediation is taking place. After the remediation Quest will again take air samples to ensure the area levels are below the suggested guidelines for microbiological contaminants.