Kindergartners Embrace ONE CUB Initiative

Kindergartners Embrace ONE CUB Initiative photo

The kindergarten class at Pequenakonck Elementary School has fully embraced its ONE CUB mission to spread kindness throughout the school and community.

Thanking Veterans

In November, kindergarteners gathered in the cafeteria to learn about the country’s brave veterans and the importance of thanking them as Veterans Day approached.

Students listened to the story “Hero Dad” and created and decorated three-dimensional stars containing a message of thanks. These stars were delivered to veterans at the Burke Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic in Somers, veterans residing at Salem Hills Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Purdys, as well as the James J. Peters VA Medical Center in the Bronx. 

Stars were also gifted to veterans working for the North Salem Central School District. The kindergarteners also made star necklaces with a shiny penny in the middle to wear on Veterans Day or to give to a relative who is a veteran.

Making a Difference

At the end of October, students participated in national Make A Difference Day and learned that they can make a difference in the world every day.

Kindness at School and Home

Students have also brought home red and orange hearts to list all of their kind deeds for family and friends. This school/home connection project partnered parents and students. Parents were asked to help write down all the acts of kindness performed by their child, and then they cut the hearts out together. Kindergartners made a difference by cleaning their rooms, helping siblings, setting the table, picking up leaves and giving hugs to family members.

These beautiful hearts were sent back to school, and each one was read aloud to the class followed by a cheer! An orange and red tree mural is overflowing with all the returned hearts and is proudly displayed across from the purple kindergarten hallway.

Connecting With Seniors

On Halloween, PQ’s kindergarten classes donned their costumes for the first annual Halloween visit with intergenerational friends at Salem Hills Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Purdys. 

Salem Hills was filled with smiles as the students paraded around the arts and crafts room in their costumes to the seniors’ delight. The children were thrilled to wish their senior friends a “Happy Halloween” as they trick-or-treated around the festively decorated room. The residents, in their Halloween costumes as well, gave out trinkets to the PQ students. The visit concluded with the kindergarteners singing “The 13 Nights of Halloween.” The visit is one of several planned between the facility and PQ, including one in December for the holidays!

“PQ kindergarteners, we are so proud of you!” said paraprofessionals Lisa Finer and Britt Togonon in a joint statement. “You can make our world a better place, ONE CUB at a time!”