PQ Running Club Celebrates Achievements

PQ Running Club Celebrates Achievements photo
Members of the Pequenakonck Elementary School Running Club recently wrapped up the club’s 13th season with a recognition ceremony.

“At the conclusion of the club each year, we have a short ceremony to acknowledge the fourth- and fifth-grade students that have participated,” said coach Robert Gilchrist. “Family members [and] community members are invited to join in on our celebration.”

At the ceremony, each runner received a T-shirt and certificate of completion. Awards were sponsored by Northern Westchester Hospital and presented to the students by its president and chief executive, Joel Seligman.

The Running Club offers a designated day for participating students to run based on their grade over the course of seven weeks.

“It’s an excellent opportunity for our students to meet new friends, understand the importance of fitness, and more importantly, enjoy a lifelong activity,” said Gilchrist.

Students set personal mileage goals each season to reach the 15, 30 or 50 mileage clubs. Over the course of the club’s season, students track the total number of miles they run on charts displayed in the gymnasium lobby. Students can also choose to run on weekends with their parents, siblings and other family members to accumulate more mileage. Banners in the gymnasium also display the highest accumulated miles completed by male and female runners each season.

At the culmination of the 2017 season, students were offered support by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Freeston, Principal Mary Johnson and Assistant Principal Dr. Stephanie Bell, who were in attendance at the ceremony.

“Our school and NWH have been in this partnership for the last 13 years, promoting and celebrating good health and fitness,” said Gilchrist. “We are privileged and thrilled to have such a strong organization supporting our running program here at PQ.”