A Day of Remembrance on Sept. 11

A Day of Remembrance on Sept. 11 photo

While many of North Salem’s middle/high school students were not yet born on Sept. 11, 2001, they still took time to reflect on the tragic events of that day on its 16th anniversary.

“I know you are all aware of our post-9/11 world,” said Principal Mr. Vince DiGrandi during Monday’s morning announcements. “Let’s make today a time for remembrance, as well as celebration.”

Students and faculty members wore white, as has become tradition each year, to bring awareness to the day’s significance.

Mr. DiGrandi implored students and staff alike to “pause and reflect,” but also celebrate the unity and support that surrounded the New York community following the tragic deaths that occurred that morning. He praised the first responders, as well as the citizens who stood in line to donate blood to survivors.

“All Americans bonded in that time of need,” he said. “My message for you today is that we are again in a time of need. Our need is to truly celebrate the individuality and diversity that all students and staff bring to our building every day. Our individual uniqueness makes us all special in our own way and together we are stronger as a school and stronger as a community because of this diversity.”

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, everyone in the school remained standing for a moment of silence before band director Mr. Steve Austin performed taps on the trumpet.