Seniors Embrace Real World Experience

Seniors Embrace Real World Experience Photo

Seniors at North Salem Middle/High School presented the culminations of their Opportunities for Professional Training In-and-Out of North Salem, or O.P.T.I.O.N.S., during a special exhibition on June 6.

The district welcomed professionals from the community to evaluate students’ presentations and ask them questions about their experiences in environments in and out of the district, under the supervision of their teachers, administrators and professional mentors. 

Students’ experiences touched a wide range of industries, from scientific research, veterinary medicine, civil engineering, app creation, aquarium installation, finance, sports entertainment and dentistry, to name a handful.

Rebecca Collins found she did not have to look further than Pequenakonck Elementary School to find a qualified mentor for her project. She worked alongside occupational therapist Elyssa Yablow at the school to learn about the requirements of the job.

Jake Leicht traveled to Manhattan to complete his work with the firm Tendy Law. He noted in his presentation that both his parents are experienced lawyers and he thought it wouldn’t be a profession that would interest him.

“I thought it would be boring and uninteresting to me, but I was wrong,” he said, going on to praise the professionals he worked with, including his mentor Sheila Tendy. “They gave everything to me in an accessible way. It was a great experience.”