Learning the Importance of Pollinators

Learning the Importance of Pollinators Photo

Fifth-grade students at Pequenakonck Elementary School took their studies of plants and the environment outdoors in honor of Earth Day.

In a PTO-sponsored assembly, students learned the importance of pollinators and supporting habitats by replanting native plants and flowers in the area.

“Students helped to turn the PQ garden into a pollinator garden,” said Assistant Principal Julio Vasquez. “They planted many bee and butterfly friendly flowers.”

The flowers were seedlings that students had begun growing in their classrooms, as well as seeds that were sown directly into the garden.

“Some of the flowers students planted were milkweed, swamp milkweed, butterfly weed, joe pye weed, calendula, sunflower and poppies,” said Vasquez. “Many thanks to our fifth-grade students, teachers [Mr. Tavino, Mrs. Oswald, Mrs. LeFave, Mrs. Federici and Mrs. O'Brien] and a special thank you to Mrs. Tait for spearheading the project. This project served to develop our students' communicator, collaborator, critical and creative thinking skills, [and allowed them] to actively display citizenship by caring for our environment.”