Pausing to Remember the Holocaust

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North Salem Middle/High School played host to the Somers Holocaust Memorial Commission’s annual Yom Hashoah on April 26, a day of remembrance for the more than six million victims of Nazi atrocities committed during World War II.

The evening included remarks from keynote speaker Dr. Michael Geisler, president of Manhattanville College.

“He spoke eloquently about his childhood and adolescent experiences growing up in West Germany and the troubles that many war-generation Germans had in confronting the Holocaust,” said social studies teacher Christopher Regan.

Dr. Geisler discussed how these troubles contrasted with the mindsets of their children, who were looking for answers throughout the 1960s as to how these events could have occurred while their parents were youths.

“The Student Art Contest winners from both Somers High School and North Salem MS/HS were recognized for their outstanding creativity and efforts,” said Regan.

A student-led candlelight procession and prayer service for the victims of the Holocaust followed by Dr. Lola Margulies, a Somers resident and Holocaust survivor, who lit the six candles of Remembrance on the Commission's menorah, ended the evening.

Pictured below are student-generated artwork from the Student Art Contest.