A Glimpse into the Professional World

A Glimpse into the Professional World Photo

As they prepare to look into higher education and careers in the coming years, North Salem High School’s 10th graders heard words of advice from professionals in occupations ranging from law enforcement to healthcare and law during the annual Career Fair on March 30.

Students had an opportunity to gain valuable insight into fields they may be interested in pursuing in the future, as well as to ask the visitor candid questions about their line of work and day-to-day life, as they selected the professionals to meet with during the fair.

Literary agent Jennie Dunham noted the differences between her work and that of a publisher, pointing out that her work focuses more on the business side of books. She said that her roles include submitting manuscripts and negotiating book contracts. She acquired a liberal arts degree and interned at publishing houses to break into the field.

“It’s a creative field, but it is also a business,” she said.

Westchester County police officer Sean Armstrong introduced students to the variety of roles within law enforcement.

“There are a lot of things you can do,” he said. “We are currently protecting the construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge against terrorism and protecting the construction workers. There’s a SWAT team, crime scene unit, tracking dog, arson dog – we have one of the only ones around.”

The Career Fair is offered through the high school’s Counseling Department under the direction of Mrs. Sharon Verdejo.