“Hidden Figures” Inspires Eighth-Graders

“Hidden Figures” Inspires Eighth-Graders

Eighth-grade students participated in a field trip to view the Academy Award-nominated film “Hidden Figures” on March 6.

“Upon their return, students rotated through three stations inspired by the movie,” said eighth-grade English teacher Karyn Johnson.

The first station featured “Film Talk,” where students discussed the representations of the pillars of character illustrated in the film, as well as the barriers the three protagonists faced. Other discussions included the impact of dissent and how and why the film is relevant today.

In the second station, students paired off and took on the roles of mission control and astronauts. Working together, mission control students were challenged to communicate precise instructions to aid the astronauts in creating a matching “control panel” using pattern blocks.

When visiting the third station, students were reminded that education is both a process of learning through institutions as well as real-world experience.

“Through a group discussion, students made connections to the use of visual artist Keith Haring’s murals to inform and educate the public,” said Johnson.

Students will use these connections, as well as their understanding of the pillars of character as illustrated in the film, to create their own artwork that educates the public.