North Salem Grads — Help Please

North Salem Grads

We need your feedback to help us continue to improve the preparation we are providing our graduates for college, careers and life.

Please take the survey today.
If you have taken this survey, thank you very much!

Here are the numbers of grades from each graduating who have already taken the survey as of 12/25/2016:
Graduated before 2012 -- 120 Grads have taken the survey
Class of 2012 — 15 survey takers
Class or 2013 — 22 survey takers
Class of 2014 — 17 survey takers
Class of 2015 — 16 survey takers
Class of 2016 — 22 survey takers

We need many more grads to take this survey.  
Please take the survey and send this message to your friends.
Happy New Year!