MISSION MONDAY: Self Defense Tips Part III


Welcome to Mission Monday, a series of posts highlighting the ways North Salem students embrace the district mission of engaging in continual improvement, including questioning, defining and solving problems through critical and creative thinking. To learn more about the North Salem Mission, please click here.

Problem-solving skills help in situations in which students are in danger.

The most important skill in self-defense is to be aware of what is going on around you and keep out of trouble. If you feel you are in danger, act immediately. Get away! Go to a place where there are other people. If someone approaches you and you feel uncomfortable, look at the person and say, "Stay away!" in a loud and angry voice. Yell and make a scene!

Here are some techniques you can use to get away from a person who tries to grab you. Keep yelling. Be a wildcat. Get loose and get away.

View the below video to view techniques for defending yourself against someone who is attempting to choke you.