MISSION MONDAY: The Journey of Creative Thinking


Welcome to Mission Monday, a series of posts highlighting the ways North Salem students embrace the district mission of engaging in continual improvement, including questioning, defining and solving problems through critical and creative thinking. To learn more about the North Salem Mission, please click here.

Creative, divergent thinking is practical in all aspects of North Salem students’ lives and each of them can improve with the use of these tools. Self-reflection about how they are being creative, divergent thinkers helps students discover strengths and needs for improvement.

These questions help North Salem students self-assess:

Fluency = How many ideas can I generate? The more ideas I generate, the more chances I have of finding an excellent idea.

Flexibility = How agile am I at finding new connections and patterns, and even changing directions to find a better idea?

Elaboration = How much detail, exploratory side-trips and meanderings did I find and undertake to roll the idea around in my head?

Originality = How often do I find an idea that is new to the group (probably because I was fluent and flexible)?

After self-assessing, students learn to plan with other perspectives on how to improve their next challenge.

View the below video to learn more about the journey of creative thinking.