Profile of a North Salem Graduate

North Salem’s Board of Education heard a presentation at its Sept. 14, 2016 meeting that unveiled the “Profile of a North Salem Graduate as a Problem Solver.”
During the presentation, Dr. Michael Hibbard, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Human Resources, outlined the skills, concepts and qualities that the school district aims to instill in its students throughout their time at Pequenakonck Elementary School, the Middle/High School and eventually as high school graduates.
As problem-solvers, Dr. Hibbard said, graduates will demonstrate being:

·         Critical and creative thinkers
·         Collaborators
·         Communicators
·         Citizens
·         Continuously improving learners
This portrait aligns with the district Mission, which is to “Engage students to continuously learn, question, define and solve problems through critical and creative thinking.”
Please check the district website each week for a “Mission Monday” post sharing one or more of the ways North Salem students are engaging in Mission-related skills and developing the qualities that will allow them to become successful problem-solvers in all areas of their lives as graduates of the North Salem Central School District.
To read more about the “Profile of a North Salem Graduate as a Problem Solver,” please click here.