A New Year Begins at the MSHS


North Salem’s middle and high school students were greeted with smiles as they returned for the start of the school year.

Students compared schedules with friends, met their new teachers and began their year of learning on Sept. 6. Principal Dr. Patricia Cyganovich and Assistant Principal George Bovino met with students to discuss expectations and opportunities as the new year kicks off.

High school seniors were easy to identify in their black shirts distinguishing them as members of the Class of 2017. In meeting with the seniors, Dr. Bovino prompted the eldest students to set good examples for their peers and encouraged them to take part in the school’s many opportunities, including serving as mentors for underclassmen.

“I hope that at the end of this school year, you can look back on your senior year and your experience here with some level of thought [and] with the real recognition that every day counts, every period counts,” said Dr. Bovino. “You can’t go back, you can only go forward.”