Math Olympiad Standouts Earn National Recognition


Several Pequenakonck Elementary School students were among the 150,000 participants in this year’s national Math Olympiad program.

The students participated in a series of five monthly contests, between November and March, as well as weekly practice sessions.

Several students qualified for national recognition! Congratulations to:
•    Kylie — gold pin winner (placed in top 2 percent)
•    Ruari — silver pin winner (placed in top 10 percent)
•    Alex, Julianna, Rosemarie, Makar, Matthew and Rosemarie (top 20 percent)
•    Caleb (top 25 percent)
•    Grace (top 30 percent)
•    Andrew, Daniella, Emily, Jake, Jordan, Rebecca, Ryan and Thomas (top 40 percent)
•    Aleia, Jessica and Katie (top 50 percent)