Gardeners Come Together for Annual Gala


Students, faculty and community members all joined together to celebrate a common interest on June 8 at the district’s annual community Garden Gala.

Residents and members of the school community alike browsed the blossoming flowers and budding vegetables in the community garden, while enjoying savory snacks and original poetry read by talented high school students.

The festive evening concluded with a special workshop presented by Dr. Mike Hibbard, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Human Resources, including lessons about composting and methods for helping plants grow successfully.  Dr. Hibbard showed how he used creative and critical thinking skills to design a home composting system made from two five-gallon buckets, a brick, and a piece of screening plus soil and live worms. He also gave away praying mantis egg cases and hundreds of live ladybugs — both of these kinds insects are vicious carnivores of the garden.