MISSION MONDAY: Clean Critical Thinking


Welcome to Mission Monday, a series of posts highlighting the ways North Salem students embrace the district mission of engaging in continual improvement, including questioning, defining and solving problems through critical and creative thinking. To learn more about the North Salem Mission, please click here.

Fourth-grade social studies students got their hands dirty when they were tasked with making their own “polluted” water to mimic the Hudson River estuary using materials like syrup, soil and food coloring.

In the below photos, the students are working together to manage their time and devise creative solutions using limited resources (e.g., strainers, straws, spoons, empty containers, sponges, bottle caps, etc.) to clean their polluted liquid.

“The [students] had to apply their critical and creative thinking in order to best solve the pollution problem in 20 minutes [with] the limited availability of resources,” said teacher Cheryl Gravius. “In some cases, they needed to revise their thinking if the planned outcomes did not occur with each step.”