April 27, 2016

To the Members of the North Salem Community:

Today we experienced the difficulties associated with misinformation that was spread virally through the internet.  Although the credibility of the internet postings was thoroughly investigated by the State Police last night and were found to be unsubstantiated and untrue, the postings caused fear and concern amoung parents, students, faculty and members of the North Salem community.  While the presence of police at the Middle/High School on Wednesday morning was meant to reassure the community, it perhaps raised the anxiety of some.

An earlier update from the school explaining that the police had assured us of the security and safety of our building would have alleviated many concerns of those sending their children to school; it is a protocol that will be followed in the future.

All alleged threats regarding this situation have been found to be without merit.

We would like to express our appreciation to the members of our community who shared their concerns and offered suggestions for how to better communicate with our school community.

With you, we will continue to work toward keeping our children safe.


Patricia C. Cyganovich, Ed.D.


George A. Bovino, Ed.D.