Professionals Share Passions at Career Fair


North Salem High School 10th-grade students had an opportunity to meet with professionals from a variety of industries during the school’s career fair on March 31.

Students chose six stations each to visit during the fair, where they heard brief presentations from professionals ranging from a lawyer, a police officer, a pilot and a radio journalist.

Sharon Marino, an emergency room trauma nurse at Westchester Medical Center, said she truly has a passion for her work.

“There is never a dull moment – you see it all,” she said. “If you have that passion, you will love it because you really are saving lives.”

Eastchester firefighter Bill Wiegelman has a similar passion.

“I still love my job after 26 years because there is something new every day,” he said.

Students also asked the speakers about their careers, how they got started and what their day-to-day jobs entail. They learned there is more of a need for pilots now than ever, that local radio stations are still going strong and need good reporters and there are many types of law one can study before becoming a lawyer.

The career fair was organized by the North Salem High School Counseling Department.