MS Drama Asks: ‘Is There a Doctor in the House?’


North Salem Middle School’s drama students are preparing to make audiences laugh when they perform Tim Kelly’s “Is There a Doctor in the House?” on Nov. 13.

The comedy, set in the Old West around the year 1880, follows Lucy Canary, the daughter of the town’s mayor. While her father attempts to arrange Lucy’s marriage to an older but rich man named Otis Lackginger, she fakes loss of voice in hopes of stalling the ceremony.

The colorful cast of characters – many of them would-be doctors – bring the comedy to life.

“The overall message might be something like ‘love is the best cure for just about anything,’” said director Lesley Hoagg.

“Is There a Doctor in the House?” will be performed at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 13.  There is a suggested donation of $1 to support The Thirst Project, an organization seeking to make clean drinking water available worldwide.