Robotics/Coding Club Delves into Programming


Inspired by North Salem High School’s robotics team, the Tech Wise-Guys, the members of the middle school’s Robotics/Coding Club are excited about a new initiative this year.

“Last year, we focused on coding through programs such as, Codeacademy, CS First and Scratch,” said Cynthia Sandler, who co-advises the middle school club along with Gary Green. “Then we dabbled with robotics and found that students were really excited about the idea of building robots and programming them.”

With that in mind, this year’s club members have started to create their own robots through the VEX Robotics program.

“VEX provides our students with the opportunity to build, design, program and compete against one another in challenges,” said Ms. Sandler. “At this point, the students have broken into small groups of three or four and are eagerly working through the instructions to build their robots.”