Madrigals Transport Audience to 1920s

North Salem’s singing Madrigals transported its audience to a Manhattan speakeasy, circa 1928, during the “Joe Sent Me” performance on May 15.

“The [planning for] this evening began as early as October,” said advisor Doug Coates. “To say the research for this project was extensive is an understatement. Not only were the students responsible for researching the popular music of the time, but they also were asked to understand the themes of the songs and why those themes were important to the society and culture of the time.”

The singers made the evening an interactive one, adopting personas of people living during the 1920s who were found at the 300 Club. Songs performed included, “Ain’t We Got Fun” by Victoria Lee, “Love Me or Leave Me” by Joanne Carminucci, “In the Jailhouse” by Michael Bass, Lucas Colletes, Ben Jesser, Cooper Speers and Connor Skelton and a group performance of “Birth of the Blues.”