In anticipation of Veterans Day, U.S. History students at the high school had the opportunity to write letters to local veterans who were on board an Honor Flight to Washington, D.C., to visit war memorials.

“The juniors spent a lot of time learning about World War II last year, and having just finished our units on the Revolutionary War and the Constitution, the timing worked out well,” said teacher Jennifer Longobardi. “The students were able to better understand what rights, freedoms and privileges the men and women they were writing to risked their lives to defend.”

Longobardi obtained the names of veterans on the flight and, along with teacher Michael Valenti, provided an outline to guide students in their letter-writing. The letters were delivered to veterans during a mail call held on the flight.

“Many students went above and beyond, writing much more than we had anticipated,” said Longobardi. “About 60 juniors and seniors participated.”

Another Honor Flight is scheduled for the spring, when 75 more veterans will be flying down to the capital.

“We will be doing a second round of these letters sometime in April,” Longobardi said.