PQ Students Turn Positive Behavior Into $1,000 Gift


Students at North Salem’s Pequenakonck Elementary School rose to a challenge they were given in September, turning good behavior into good deeds. By earning 48,000 tickets for good behavior through the year, they secured a $1,000 gift to the charitable organization Friends of Karen, donated by local business Raymond Opticians.

The effort is part of the school’s behavioral expectations program, Tigers CARE (Cooperate, Act responsibly, Respect each other, and Expect honesty), which this year was expanded to include the concept of philanthropy: Tigers CARE – We Share. “The theme includes the idea of giving to others, rather than just receiving personal acknowledgements for positive behavior,” says school psychologist Dennis Tendler.

Friends of Karen is a North Salem-based organization that helps families of critically ill children in the tri-state area pay for medical expenses, transportation to treatments, and assistance with household expenses, among other necessities.

Judith Factor, Executive Director of Friends of Karen, thanked the children for their efforts and for their gestures, such as making Valentines cards for Friends of Karen children. “You don’t know how happy your cards made them,” she said. “Thank you for caring and for sharing, and thank you from all the moms and dads who are so happy to know their kids have friends like you.”